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Welcome to IEPCO’s website, the home for contemporary ideas and methods within an advanced society.  This is where you will find:

  • Developments in business that takes advantage of localization
  • The Toronto Epic – celebrating life in an advanced society
  • Links to some of our online publications

We design digital strategies for social and economic development.  After forty years in operation we believe new forms of local social and economic development based on the Internet are more important than any technological or worldwide advances.

IEPCO works with corporate clients and mall and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) or small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) to generate corporate value as well as social value.  We are here to take advantage of opportunities for clients and neighbourhood residents to discover mutual fulfillment in an advanced society .

IEPCO helps with design of holistic solutions that come from looking at many sides of any situation.  Holistic solutions meet the challenges of corporations, local businesses, and communities.  These solutions can include garden owners, youth, and those of us recovering from illness or substance abuse.  This innovative approach is now possible because of business frameworks and forms of online support that IEPCO offers.  

To promote enjoyable and beneficial business cultures in neighbourhoods, IEPCO combines outlooks from science, business, the arts, entertainment, and healthcare.  More balanced approaches to projects give sustainable outcomes for multiple stakeholders.

Toronto Epic Facebook 1

Some Epic Characters

To make it easier to understand some of these ideas, IEPCO has developed a musical.  The Toronto Epic celebrates living in a city, and ideas for living in an advanced society.  More people will engage in productive, more natural ways of living. 

These lyrics from The Toronto Epic – Act One, are how some of the characters introduce themselves –

The Ambassadors from the Future
and Constanza Estefan

Rosetta Stone

Godiva Bertelmoose

Toronto Epic Small Logo

Here’s a picture of Bob the Blob on the CN Tower.  If you are wondering about Bob, then you will enjoy the following lyrics from Act Two of the musical:

Great Lover & The Gynoid Song

The Toronto Epic Community’s Facebook Page outlines Six Ways to participate life in an Advanced Society.  To find out more about a fulfilling future, click on:

The Toronto Epic on Facebook



IEPCO publications specializes in websites for both an Economy of Coordination for mutual fulfillment – something we have never had on the planet before – and a Learning Economy of Self-awareness for conscious evolution.  Therefore IEPCO’s publications are divided into two categories:

1. Getting organized as Corporations and Neighbourhoods

Governments say that Canada is a developed nation.  This terminology neither inspires nor engages us.  It suggests there is nowhere for us to go next – we have arrived – even while we are keeping busy laying waste to the planet on which our lives depend. 


An image of Earth flowering
under the cover of night.

We started celebrating living, loving, communicating, and collaborating in an advanced society in 2013.  Check out the website for organizing a small part of downtown Toronto in ways that inspire other neighbourhoods – and where other neighbourhoods inspire what happens at Bathurst and Bloor.

Your Invitation

An invitation to an epic in our midst.

As a society we have problems because we still adhere to the lone hero myth.  Therefore the MuSE website includes a mythological portal, (as well as a practical portal), that supports the society we want together, now that all developed nations are no longer based on growth through manufacturing.

The Markham Street MuSE

Robin and Moi banner

What’s next in a society where people want greater freedom and agree to adopt more responsibility?  Our lead publication gets people together to share new insights into organizing in society.  It encourages us to take advantage of the benefits of collaboration, communication and coordination for our mutual fulfillment.

Social Creator Network



We’ve all heard about the important influence that enlightened people have had on society, and how politically influential corporations have become.  If corporations are legally ‘people’ or ‘organizational persons’, then as corporate leaders, we need to learn how to make enlightened organizational decisions.

BETA Agency



We are preparing a subscription website that promotes an agency that offers services to clients that organize and unify within an alliance.


2. Innovation and Self-awareness


A website for addressing the problem of education in an advanced society when governments offer no funding for new educational curricula and infrastructure. 

We leave behind the Newtonian model (space-time) and methods developed over 2,300 years ago in Ancient Greece (a teacher at the front of a class). 

Within living system design (social structure and movements) we revitalize learning with a quantum biofeedback model (interpenetrating waveforms with an ‘entanglement’ of consequences).  

We work with facilities that are already available and underused.  Add multipurpose features to once dedicated spaces.  Increase profitability by sharing operating costs with others.

Universe City galaxy

Universe City

Check out the grey banner below the cover photo on the Universe City site.  Find a movement that works for you.

Check out the courses and events.  Then get on our mailing list or ‘Like’ and share what we offer on Facebook.


How do you get your company to operate more effectively in today’s economy where customers demand that we act in more consciously and look after the environment?  To meet these operational needs this agency to drive organizational change through accreditation.  Starting in March 2017, the agency represents some participants in the Toronto Epic Community, a collaborative that promotes life in an advanced society.


For more on us:  Bios.

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