For Performers, Models and Presenters

Inspire new forms of business that are
neighbourhood- and planet-friendly

Educate while entertaining and generate part-time income with:

  • Weekend performances at Toronto hotels and Ontario retreat centres
  • Creative problem solving with corporate clients
  • More realistic and conscientious approaches to business than today’s project management

Our collaborations will include:

  • Input from entrepreneurs, ‘network thinkers’, ecologists, artists and designers
  • Ecstatic business practices (EBP)
  • Opportunities for greater vitality, sensuality, self-expression and other aspects of life often excluded from business to date.

A good way to inspire people is through the presentations and the performing arts. Here is an outline for our performance troupe. 

We will use performance to get across to audiences combinations of ideas developed within various cultural traditions, and presented in ways that fuse artistic genres.

Ambassadors from the Future troupe


The Ambassadors troupe of top quality actors, singers, dancers, models, hosts and presenters will consist of men and women who are sensuous, humorous, spontaneous, energetic, highly cooperative, and very comfortable with themselves. The troupe will consist of individuals who are excellent communicators: open, honest, innocent, vulnerable, respectful and helpful.

People are intrigued by each Ambassador’s unique beauty and expressions of playful magnificence.

Possible Sustainable Outcomes

Our performances, media productions and events are creative and exuberant, leaving audiences with an enduring sense of mystery and sense of connection with the troupe.

Our performances generate within major directors, leading artistic directors and top stylists the excitement of discovery and the desire to work with an actor or model. This in turn leads to a growing print publication profile and digital media presence internationally.

We host interactive summer retreats and winter evenings of pure spectacle where attendees experience a wise blend of emotion and intelligence. Compassionate, totally balanced feminine and masculine surroundings at venues will support attendees to discover new forms of self-expression.

We host dance events, swim parties, workshops and retreats and work at entertainment venues. We host week-long events in warm climates while conducting photo shoots for print publications and producing further movie properties.

Ambassador associates learn to perform at our dinner theatres and other places of enlightened eroticism and sensuality in cultural areas starting in Toronto.

In this way will continue to awaken in the public the desire to understand and experience further aspects of what they can become. More people celebrate vitality and ecstasy within their own self-expression.

Let the Ambassadors from the Future introduce themselves with this song from the Toronto Epic.

Email a request to become an associate, or fill in the following information fields.


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